Where’s the anger over these dodgy Tory deals? | Letters

Where’s the anger over these dodgy Tory deals? | Letters

Readers respond to a piece by Jonathan Freedland in which he addresses Boris Johnson’s cronyism and the wasting of taxpayers’ money

The sleaziness at the heart of Boris Johnson’s government should surprise nobody (It’s taken just 12 months for Boris Johnson to create a government of sleaze, 7 August). In the months leading up to his becoming leader of the Tory party, revelations about Johnson’s unreliability, dishonesty, self-interest and lack of concern for others filled many column inches in this paper and elsewhere.

But things are different now that he has his hands on the levers of power and an unassailable majority – secured off the back of not being Jeremy Corbyn and a promise to “level up” the regions. While success in the first objective was guaranteed, the prospect of rebalancing the relationship between London and the rest of the country was always likely to present a much bigger challenge – even before the pandemic.

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Source: Guardian

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