A guide to planning permission

Planning permission can seem a daunting process. OnTheMarket’s guide offers explanations about what’s involved. What is planning permission and when do I need it? If you want to construct a new building or make large-scale changes to an existing structure, including extensions and outbuildings, you will need planning permission from the local authority. The purpose Read more about A guide to planning permission[…]

Top tips for buying a renovation property

If you’ve ever been tempted by the prospect of a property that needs work – a lot of work – you’ll know that rush of excitement. And that feeling of trepidation. But the rewards can be great. We have thought of some property renovation tips for when buying a renovation property. ‘You’ve got to have Read more about Top tips for buying a renovation property[…]

How to object to a planning application

OnTheMarket.com explains how you can object to a planning application and what to do to try and ensure you get the result you want. Where can I find details of the application? Before you can object to a planning application, you first need to know it exists. Local councils are supposed to notify neighbours likely to Read more about How to object to a planning application[…]

Can your deposit savings keep up with house prices?

Home buyers are feeling the pressure as house prices continue to rise faster than wages. Here the Money Advice Service provides four top tips on how to maximise your deposit Content provided by OnTheMarket.com is for information purposes only. Independent and professional advice should be taken before buying, selling, letting or renting property, or buying Read more about Can your deposit savings keep up with house prices?[…]

Top energy-saving tips

Saving energy, like recycling waste, is one of those good habits which people acquire, but all too often lose. We tend to get our lofts insulated and turn off electrical appliances we are not using, then fall back into our bad old ways – and end up with inflated energy bills. It should not be Read more about Top energy-saving tips[…]

Loft Insulation Q&A with A&M Energy Group

Here’s a question to consider, who within your house controls the heating thermostat? Your husband, your wife, your partner, the children……..the bill payer maybe? Throughout the winter months I just wonder how many of us will hear the expressions “put another jumper on if you’re cold” or “who’s cranked up the thermostat?” Experts say that Read more about Loft Insulation Q&A with A&M Energy Group[…]

What happens to my mortgage if I lose my job?

One in three UK adults has experienced a shock to their finances through bereavement, redundancy, or an illness that has stopped them from working. The Money Advice Service suggests the benefits of protection insurance. It’s probably there at the back of your mind, niggling away, the worry of how you’d pay your mortgage or rent Read more about What happens to my mortgage if I lose my job?[…]

Revealed: The UK’s most valuable driveways  

Empty driveways in London can earn their homeowners up to £5,860 per year, with the first £1,000 tax-free, making them some of the highest earning driveways in the UK, data from parking app firm JustPark has found. According to Direct Line Car Insurance, 3.5 million Britons are renting out their parking space and across the Read more about Revealed: The UK’s most valuable driveways  […]