November 20, 2013

Sell Your House Fast

Landlords and Home Owners – Guaranteed Rent.

We’ve been in property for over 20 years now, and we know what we’re doing.

With that in mind, we can now offer GUARANTEED RENTAL PAYMENTS on the 1st of EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Want a 7 to 10 year contract with no voids ? We can do that.
Want a Guaranteed Rental Payment on the 1st of each month ? We can do that too !

Just fill in our form and make contact and we’ll do the rest.

We can tell you how much rent we can pay too.

Imagine no more letting agents

No more tenancy finder services !



Do you need to Sell your House Fast in Leeds?

We’ve been buying properties for the last 20 years and are a local firm based in Leeds. So if you need to Sell Your House Fast Leeds then contact us.

We also have a nationwide database of Property Investors who want to buy or rent properties quick, sometimes with cash.

Even if your property has no equity in it, we may still be able to help!

Sell your house fast Leeds - Houses Bought Quick Leeds

Sell your house fast Leeds

How it works.

Ok so, for whatever reason you need to sell your house fast Leeds.

So the first thing we do is ask for you to complete the form below.  That way we can not only send you our free guide on how to sell your house fast leeds, but also to ascertain what your personal situation is.

Sometimes, we simply can’t help as the person didn’t ask for help quickly enough.

Don’t leave it too late

Given enough time we can help most people in most situations. So start by filling in that form so we can at least find out what you’re going through, about what the situation is that you’re in, and then we can work out what to do to help you.

The steps

So once you have filled in the form, we’ll look at the reason you need to sell.

This can be anything from a divorce, to a house being handed over due to a death in the family, through to being in debt, through to mortgage arrears.

Whatever you’re going through, there’s no reason to be embarrassed by it.  We’ve helped all sorts of people in all sorts of situations.

We treat you with respect and dignity all the way through the process.

Once we know what the situation is we can come up with a couple of ways to help you.

Houses Bought for Cash Leeds - Sell your house fast Leeds

Can you really buy my house quick Leeds?

Yes. Our quickest was 9 days. It depends on your circumstances of course, but it can be done.  For example, if you’re in negative equity, then we have a different solution for that where we can rent your house from you (and give you guaranteed rent) and then an agreed sales prices.  It’s all agreed up front and signed with a contract so both parties know exactly what’s what.

So what do I do to start ?

Just complete the form below, and let us try and help you sell your house Quick, or at the very least, let’s have a chat to see what we can do to get you moving.


Guaranteed Rent Leeds

One of the other options we offer is Guaranteed Rent in Leeds.  We’ve been investing in Leeds for the last 20 years and know the market very well.

We have a range of properties under our belts including city centre apartments, 3 bed semis, houses in multiple occupation and small 2 bed back to back properties.

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We Buy Houses For Cash
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 1 reviews
by Sharon Carter on We Buy Houses For Cash
Helped Massively !

We needed to move quickly as our new house was about to fall through due to a break in the chain.

Dan stepped in and bought our property meaning that we could still buy our dream house.

We had to sell below market value in order to achieve a quick sale, but we managed to get the new house down by the same amount !

Would recommend.

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