Plant blueberries in December, reap the rewards next year

Plant blueberries in December, reap the rewards next year

Now’s the time to get blueberries, bramble bushes and Chilean guavas into the ground

If you want to enjoy fresh fruit next year, this is the best time to plant fruit bushes. Of all homegrown crops, they provide by far the biggest reward in return for effort involved. Not only is the fruit expensive to buy in the shops compared with the modest price of the plant, they come in all sorts of weird and wonderful varieties that would never pass the shelf life and standardised appearance requirements of supermarket buyers. This means you can put flavour as top priority.

And how little work these perennial species require, compared with the annual routine of starting most kitchen garden crops from scratch. But, given our ever-shrinking gardens, perhaps the best news is that if you get your species choice right, fruit bushes can blend in seamlessly with ornamentals, meaning you don’t have to pick between two opposing garden looks.

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Source: Guardian

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