'My home is a portal to how I felt as a child'

‘My home is a portal to how I felt as a child’

An illustrator’s atmospheric family home in Bath is a haven for old objects, lost curios and fairytale beginnings

Aload of CND banners and a gathering of Quaker women in the garden was the harbinger of future happiness for Jude Wisdom and her husband Luther, a sign that this terraced house in Bath was the one. A progressive Quaker belief in social justice meant that although they couldn’t actually afford it, Margaret, the previous owner, decided she liked Jude and her husband and reduced the price.

“Margaret said: ‘I want you to have it.’ We were young, I was heavily pregnant at the time and had a toddler, she was kind and lovely and we just loved the vibe… I’ve never met a bad Quaker,” says Jude.

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Source: Guardian

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