August 17, 2014

Let Me Pay Your Mortgage !

If you’re in negative equity, or simply do not want to manage the house anymore (such as a landlord for example), or perhaps you can’t bear the thought of selling in this market, and just want to forget about the house, then allow me to pay your mortgage !

You get :

Complete Peace of Mind

No more mortgage payments to worry about, all paid for by us !

No Tenants !

We’re your tenants, so you’ll never suffer from voids, or non payment from different tenants. We’ve been managing properties for 16 years !

No Maintenance Costs

We cover all maintenance costs such as boiler repairs, decorating, carpets, etc. Even if your property needs a small refurb, we can handle that too !

No Commission Fee’s.

We’re not like a traditional Lettings Agency who charge a lot (or in fact any!) fee’s.

Professional and Reliable

Our experience is UK wide, and spans many years, so we know what we’re doing. We also coach other property investors too who ask for our help.

Rent your property with ZERO stress !

It’s an easy way to get your property managed without any additional uncertainty such as boiler repairs, bad tenants and so on.

We Buy Houses For Cash Leeds

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