Guaranteed Rent Leeds

Landlords, if you’re looking for guaranteed rent Leeds, then we can help.  We’ve been renting properties for nearly 20 years, and have owned a lettings agency for 12 years.

We know what we’re doing and can provide you with a rent guarantee whereby you get paid every single month, even when the property is empty, or has a non-paying tenant.

One of my businesses is a re-location business.

That means that we help people who need to rent a place for a month to 6 months (often longer) as part of a work placement.

They’re always professionals, but usually can;t commit to a 6 month tenancy as they are on a temporary assignment.

Some of our clients are IT contractors, call centre workers or work in the Finance Sector and need somewhere short term (anywhere from a month to 6 months) to stay until their work placement is carried out.

What this means is that we’re always on the lookout for landlords who have a property they want to let, but want a guaranteed rent for between 7 and 10 years.

This way, the landlord has ZERO VOIDS, and no extra costs in looking for tenants.

They instead get a GUARANTEED 7 to 10 year tenancy with peace of mind.

Guaranteed Rent Leeds
Guaranteed Rent Leeds – giving you time for the finer things


The landlord also gets a quick rent – as we can make a decision within the week !

If this sounds like you, then we’re interested in properties throughout the UK.

Guaranteed Rent Leeds – How it works.

So we’ve been renting properties for nearly 20 years in the Leeds area.  We’ve taken on properties and paid the landlord THE SAME DAY!

Sometimes, we even offer a light refurb (to bring the property back up to scratch). We even pay for it!

The best thing to do if you’re interested in the Guaranteed Rent Leeds Scheme is to contact us by completing our form.


We’re looking for properties in the Leeds area for long term rents (we’re talking 5 to 7 years or more!)

In return, we’ll give you guaranteed rent, and even in some cases, a light refurb !

So if you’re looking to be more hands off in 2017 with your property portfolio, then maybe we can help by giving you Guaranteed Rents, and a light refurb on your property to bring it up to scratch.

We’ve been renting properties for almost 20 years, including owning a lettings agency for 12 of those, so we have A LOT of experience in the Leeds Market.

Just drop me a line, let me know the postcode, number of bedrooms, and we’ll take it from there !

Once we’ve received your information, we’d like to meet up with you and view the property.

That way we can see if we like each other (seriously – we need to be able to work with you, and vice-versa) and we can run through how it all works there and then.

Chances are we can run the numbers past you too and see if we can come to an agreement numbers wise that works for us both.

What does Guaranteed Rent actually mean ?

Ok so it includes

– payment in full on the 1st of each month
– no management fees
– no voids (you still get paid)
– no non-paying tenants (you still get paid)
– any minor (like light bulbs, damages by tenants etc ) then we pay for that.
– anything major (like a new roof, boilers on the blink) then you pay for (It’s still your property after all)

And that’s it !

Any questions ?
Just drop me a message back – we’re local, friendly, full of advice, and it may be that’s all you need.

We Buy Houses For Cash is owned by Daniel Latto