'I find it dramatic': inside the all-blue home of architect Sharon Toong

‘I find it dramatic’: inside the all-blue home of architect Sharon Toong

An interior designer’s flat is a showcase for the dramatic, bold blues she believes are here to stay

From dark lead to chalky white, grey has hogged our walls for years. Not any more. “I feel it’s had its day,” says architect and interior designer Sharon Toong. “I’m drawn to blue, especially the darker shades.” Indeed, moody blue paints – all similar but slightly different – are used throughout this two-bedroom flat: in the main bedroom, the study, an internal courtyard, her baby daughter’s room, and the kitchen cabinets. The hall is alive with blue banana leaves, vines and tropical palms, courtesy of design team House of Hackney.

This and the master bedroom are naturally dark spaces, so Toong decided to work that to her advantage. “There was no getting around the fact that the corridor was long and windowless, so I chose that bold, enveloping wallpaper,” she says. “It brings you out into the flat’s lighter, brighter areas, with glimpses of foliage in garden beyond. A deep blue shade on the walls and ceiling makes a room feel very cocooning.”

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Source: Guardian

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