August, month of plenty on the plot | Allan Jenkins

August, month of plenty on the plot | Allan Jenkins

Fewer of us will be taking holidays abroad this summer, but the garden is full of things to do and delight in at home

So, August. Most usually the month of summer holidays, when harvests and watering rotas are shared around with payment in courgettes. Or more likely, marrows if you miss them. I fear, though, long breaks away will be less likely this year.

I may have said almost this last month, but we are deep in the time of now or never. It is near too late to plant out cauliflower, kale or any broccoli still in pots. It is still just OK to sow carrots, spring onions, spring cabbages, red-leaved chicories, summer and winter radishes, and to add autumn crops such as corn, salad and land cress. Stick with the ‘oriental’ leaves, adding winter purslane, plus mustard greens if your garden is in a good spot.

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Source: Guardian

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