Let’s move to Bangor, County Down: cheery charm and Belfast’s smart set

Let’s move to Bangor, County Down: cheery charm and Belfast’s smart set

If you want a marina of yachts or kiss-me-quick seaside, this is the place for you

What’s going for it? Bangor is quite the surprise. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I think it involved grey pebbledash. The town is full of cheer. Victorian townhouses painted the colour of sweeties. Freshly paved streets with perky new trees, as if civic dignitaries were expecting the Queen on Tuesday. Being a seaside town in the British Isles, it has that inevitable double edge of joy and sorrow, but here joy gets the upper hand. Partly that’s down to wealth. This area has long been nicknamed the Gold Coast, pulling in Belfast’s rich for more than a century. While we’re not quite talking Malibu rich, the town has its share of hefty piles and la-di-da. You’ll have to travel a few minutes out of town for decent beaches. Bangor’s petite bay cuddles a marina of yachts straight out of Howards’ Way (extremely woke contemporary cultural reference there). Much of the town, though, is more your bucket-and-spade-kiss-me-quick seaside, and all the better for it. Pickie Puffer, the miniature steam train that chuffs through Pickie Fun Park, is a particular high spot. Who says I don’t know how to have fun?

The case against Quite pricey, by local standards.

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Source: Guardian

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