Leeds Rent Guarantee

Leeds Rent Guarantee

Sometimes, landlords get a little tired with dealing with tenants all day long, so our Guaranteed Rent Leeds solution is a perfect fit.

We’ve helped all sorts of people from a landlord who lived far away and just didn’t have the resource to manage her properties, to a couple who left for Australia for a few years and wanted something to come back to, without the hassle of being landlords themselves.

In fact, there are many reasons as to why someone may want Guaranteed Rent Leeds, but the easiest way to find out if it’s suitable for you is to make contact and have a chat.

You can ask us any questions you like !

Our experience

We’ve been buying, selling and renting properties for almost 20 years now.  I’ve personally owned a letting agency for 12 years before selling it.

We’ve seen it all when it comes to tenants and understand the risks, unlike, for example, some 26 year old letting agent who still lives with mum and dad.  We’ve been on the receiving end when a tenant doesn’t pay (it has to happen at some point, right?) but have effective systems and processes for dealing with such a thing.

Leeds Rent Guarantee – My Re-location Business

That means that we help people who need to rent a place for a month to 6 months (often longer) as part of a work placement.

They’re always professionals, but usually can;t commit to a 6 month tenancy as they are on a temporary assignment.

Some of our clients are IT contractors, call centre workers or work in the Finance Sector and need somewhere short term (anywhere from a month to 6 months) to stay until their work placement is carried out.

What this means is that we’re always on the lookout for landlords who have a property they want to let, but want a guaranteed rent for between 7 and 10 years.

This way, the landlord has ZERO VOIDS, and no extra costs in looking for tenants.

They instead get a GUARANTEED 7 to 10 year tenancy with peace of mind.

The landlord also gets a quick rent – as we can make a decision within the week !

If this sounds like you, then we’re interested in properties throughout the UK.

Guaranteed Rent Leeds

Leeds Rent Guarantee

So we’re able to off our Leeds rent guarantee because we take on the risk that you don’t need to.  We pay you on the 1st of each month whether the property is rented or not, or where the tenant has even stopped paying rent.

We take on all the risk so that you don’t need to.

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