How to grow winter aconites | Alys Fowler

How to grow winter aconites | Alys Fowler

Jolly polished flowers will create a pool of buttery sunlight into February

There is a little glimmer of hope at the beginning of January, a pool of buttery sunlight that shimmers on the floor as if to will the sun’s rays to grow a little stronger. Happy to nestle among snowdrops or gather around the feet of shrubs, the winter aconite, Eranthis hyemalis, is an easily pleased sort.

It comes from the buttercup family, and that much is readily identifiable from the jolly polished yellow flowers surrounded by a collar of green leaves, like a regal ruff. Native to chalky woodlands in central Europe, it gets its name from its willingness to flower before everything else (hyemalis is Latin for winter-flowering). It will happily do so from early January into February, before gracefully retiring back to the soil.

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Source: Guardian

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